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Build your Startup in just 4 weeks. Special offer for All Entrepreneurs!

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Payment Solutions for e-commerce, flexible payment options, batch payment processing, recurring billing, and security.

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We can analyse your data to reveal business opportunities.

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We can design and develop your shop landing page and get you up and running with a catalog of products.

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We make superb, modern, highly available, and demanding business Web Apps.

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We can build native iOS and Android mobile applications to suite your business needs.


We pride ourselves by offering a fully transparent, agile driven, continuous feedback experience when working with us. Right from day one, you will work with our developers, get to know our work processes and be involved in all parts of the project. You'll have access to project management tools, source code, staging server access and more.

Responsive Design

Exceptional design is usable, simple, and beautiful. It's more than just looking good – it's about creating an experience that feels seamless to the user. We work diligently until we're positive that your users will enjoy every second they spend with your site.

Agile Development

Like Ruby on Rails, agile software development is at the core of what we do. Our agile processes allow us to create applications in less time with fewer developers. We're able to identify issues early and change direction quickly.


This is where we start bringing your ideas to life. We pull together all the information to build a compelling story. We'll go through the entire site, working through the page flow, and layout decisions. All said and done, we'll have a solid blueprint of what your site will look like.


After successfully launching your product, our job isn't done. We watch over your site to make sure it continues to operate smoothly. We also provide you with analytics that can assist in critical business decisions. The long term health and success of both your business and your application are the primary goal throughout our process.


First, we sit down with you and gain a strong understanding of your company and ideas. We'll look at your current business situation, ideas, and broad strategies. Next, we'll pitch creative ideas and help hone your goals into something concise and measurable.


A critical part of any web application lifecycle is the launch. We have extensive experience moving large scale applications from development to production on a variety of hosting platforms and frameworks. Diligent testing allows us to be confident in a smooth and successful launch of your new application.

"Reporters Without Borders (Germany) are very pleased with the professional and timely work delivered by Rotati Consulting for our Media Ownership Monitor Website project in Cambodia. Under tight deadlines and constraints, Rotati provided us with excellent support throughout the project. We are looking forward to working with them again!"

"We are very satisfied to have Rotati as our software development partner. Rotati helped MangoMap develop the first version of our online payment system using Recurly. Rotati also helped with implementing some of our growth hacking experiements including an automated geocoding solution for small businessses."

"Working with Rotati has been a real pleasure. Their agile approach to software development has been a real success for the project. The team are responsive, knowledgeable, talented and incredibly accommodating to our requirements. They supported us throughout the project from design, implementation, to deployment, staff training and maintenance. Well done! Highly recommended!"

"Rotati helped our USAID funded project go from high level concept to production ready web and mobile applications for our local product idea: They worked diligently with us to ensure that the product was delivered on time and to exact specifications. Rotati have also worked with us extensively to build awareness of the product though workshops and presentations."

"The Software Engineers at Rotati are a fantastic asset for us. They helped us to design our new property development database, customize data entry workflow and build a beautiful customer facing property customization tool for our clients called ID By Me. We are looking forward to continue our work Rotati them on some of our new innovative products"

"It was a pleasure working with Rotati on our Lookalikes Facebook Game to accompany our Channel 4 TV program of the same name. They produced a Facebook Game and Web Application which allows us to capture and discover some more of the best celebrity lookalikes in the country. Thanks to the application we will see more lookalikes becoming famous celebrities in their own right via the next season of our TV show!"

about Rotati

Rotati is a full service Web and Mobile application consultancy. We use Ruby and JavaScript as our tools of choice.