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September 2016

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The DevBootstrap Story

DevBootstrap worked with Rotati Consulting to produce an upgrade to their existing product DevBootstrap. DevBootstrap wanted to improve the their educational site and make it easier for DevBootstrap administration to update the development properties available and the options within them. Rotati started by analysing the existing system to determine the best approach for database and UI design.

Rotati produced rich mockups of the new system for DevBootstrap to ensure that the new concept was well understood. The process was accepted and development of the new system began. The administration system was built and tested. The system is now fully live and being used on a daily basis and has significantly improved the buying experience for DevBootstrap customers as well as the ease which DevBootstrap can maintain the products.

about Rotati

Rotati is a full service Web and Mobile application consultancy. We use Ruby and JavaScript as our tools of choice.