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Lookalikes is a Facebook application to accompany UK's Channel 4 TV series of the samename.






February 2016 - April 2016

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  • Rails
  • Facebook API
The Lookalikes App Story

The Lookalike App is an application that is tightly integrated into Facebook that allows users to play a voting game to decide who looks the most like a particular celebrity.The user can search for a celebrity and see all the lookalikes for that celebrity or they can simply browse and play the voting game and while the hours away! Users can also be a lookalike themselves and others can also make them a lookalike too!

The application will be promoted via a TV show in the UK and via an existing lookalikes agency of the same name. The application will exercise viral marketing techniques via Facebook to quickly grow the userbase. Monetization will come from users being able to purchase clothing of their favorite celebrity via online retailer affiliate marketing programs.

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