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Mangomap is an online mapping tool.



Mapping / GIS


April 2012 - December 2014

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  • Rails
  • Angular JS
  • OAuth
  • Sphinx
  • GIS
  • Recurly
  • Payment Systems
  • Backup Systems
  • Growth Hacking
The Mangomap Story
  • Payment System Integration - We implemented the first version of Mangomap’s SAAS payment system using Recurly.
  • Growth Hacking Experiment - We produced a service for customers to upload a spreadsheet of addresses and turn these into a set of POI's on a map. This was used to promote Mangomap at a time when growth acceleration was needed and the application has since been removed.
  • Miscellaneous Features - We helped implement various features for Mangomap including, integration Mandrill API, OAuth Authentication, Share Map with friends feature, Sitemap generation and so on.
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