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Call us flat-pack fanatics, perfectionists, or overgrown kids with big wooden Lego but we love building furniture that looks as good as possible in your home.

Unflatpack is run by John Griffin and Denver Thornton; they have both been expert flatpack fitters for over 10 years each and know the industry and the products inside out.




Furniture Assembly


May, 2016 – Oct, 2016

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The Unflatpack Story

“We promise that the assembly price we quote for the furniture you tell us about will not change on the day.”

All we ask is that we have a reasonable amount of space to work in and that your delivery company has carried the boxes into the room where the furniture will be built.

Over the years we have been called at the last minute by many customers at their wits end because they have been let down by a 1-man-band outfit that doesn’t care about customer service or reputation. We know that preparing for your furniture assembly often means a real upheaval, taking time off work; hallways filled with boxes, wardrobe contents spilled on to beds, some customers even throw away their old furniture.

Over the past 10 years we have fine-tuned a service that delivers. We know how to manage our team effectively so that your work is done on the day you request, not when we feel like it.

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