Big Data / Business Intelligence

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We can analyse your data to reveal business opportunities.

Data overload?

Does your organization collect a large quantity of data from your applications? Perhaps you have a ton of IoT sensors dotted around your warehouse or campus and need to make better sense of the data? You know there is an opportunity here somewhere but just can’t quite make out where that opportunity lies. At Rotati we use Amazon Redshift which is a scalable, modern, fast and reliable Big Data cloud solution.

Business Intelligence Solution

Rotati Big Data and Business Intelligence Analysts can help you take a deep dive into your datasets using modern technology solutions provided by Amazon Redshift. Our engineers can extract, transform and load your data in bulk or real-time, into our system ready for slicing and dicing to gain some real, valuable insight into your data.

Data Visualization

Presenting the data in a way that makes sense to you and your partners is critical. Charts, maps, animations, data interaction, 2D, 3D and other data visualization techniques are applied to give everyone just the right quantity of information, in the right format so that it is effective and powerful.

about Rotati

Rotati is a full service Web and Mobile application consultancy. We use Ruby and JavaScript as our tools of choice.