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Native Mobile Applications

Are you looking to build an application where you can take full advantage of the device capabilities and services such as the GPS, Gyroscope, Camera, Contacts Data, SMS, Voice and so on? Do you need to build a professional looking, fast running, modern mobile application that you can distribute in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store? Do you (optonaly) want users to pay upfront to use your application and have your product easily found by millions of potential users? Do you need your mobile application user interface to feel familiar to both Apple and Android users? In this case, we recommend building a Native Mobile Application and, of course, Rotati Software Engineers can deliver! For those techies out there we use React Native for developing Native Mobile Application projects.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

Are you looking to quickly build a mobile application that can run on multiple platforms without having to spend time (and money) to develop a separate app for each one? Do you want to increase the chances of being able to find developers who can maintain your application after launch? Do you want to lower the cost of the product development (perhaps this is a prototype or product idea for a startup)? In this case, we recommend building a Hybrid Mobile Application. For those techies out there we use Ionic / Angular JS for developing Hybrid Mobile Application projects.

Web Mobile Applications

Sometimes the web is enough! We can build applications that specifically run in the mobile browsers and are developer as web based ‘mobile first’ applications. For example, if you visit any website using your mobile phones web browser you will see a ‘mobile version’ of the website. Usually these versions are a slimmed down, single column website showing just enough information, using just the right size fonts and icons for you to easily use the application from your mobile. If you're looking for a purely web based mobile solution then we recommend building a Web Mobile Application. For those techies out there we use either Rails MVC Stack or Ioinc / Angular JS.

about Rotati

Rotati is a full service Web and Mobile application consultancy. We use Ruby and JavaScript as our tools of choice.