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Business Applications

What do we mean by ‘Web Apps? This is more than just a ‘Web Site’ - it’s a core part of your business, it’s a critical application to help your staff and your customers and ultimately to help your business grow. Think critical business software that runs in the cloud or in your web browser. Think gone are the days of installing clunky software on your computer, worrying about your data, your security and your business flexibility. Moving your business to the cloud fosters the way to rapid growth for your business. It means having access to your business 24/7 wherever you are located in the world.

Modern Solutions

Have an accounting system that’s sitting in your office? Use spreadsheet to manage your staff timesheets? Have a huge spreadsheet to keep track of customers? Have core business documents on multiple computers that are not being backed up? Have a complex customer onboarding system all done by hand? Still work on pen and paper and then copy data across to very old computer systems? Let Rotati help you move to more modern, robust, secure and available systems.

Designing Systems

We can analyse existing systems that you use and design a new and improved systems for your business that works seamlessly in your browser. You own the code and you own the software - it’s completely customizable to your specific business and customer needs. Rotati have build HR Systems, Property Valuations Systems, POS Systems, Property Customization Tools, Address Lookup Systems, Customer Relationship Management Systems and much much more. For you techies out there, we use Ruby on Rails to build these Web Applications using a rapid, agile, fast iteration approach.

about Rotati

Rotati is a full service Web and Mobile application consultancy. We use Ruby and JavaScript as our tools of choice.