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by Rotati Admin | Programming | March 2016


Most command line applications usually accept a variety of options that can be passed in to alter the behaviour of the application. For example, in linux, the find command can take a -type d option to specify only search for directories. For example the following command will find all empty directories under ~/Documents:

find ~/Documents -type d -empty

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by Rotati Admin | Programming | January 2015

The Observable module is a useful and elegant way to watch for changes in an object in Ruby. A common example is for alerting of some condition within the object being observed. The example shown in the documentation is for a Ticker class which has two observers: one for when the price goes below a certain level and one for when the price goes above a certain level. What we will do today is show something similar, but for a CoffeeShop class instead. Let’s get to it!

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